When will my new recycling cart be delivered?

Cart deliveries will begin in mid-July and continue through mid-September. For an approximate delivery schedule for your community, click here.

Do I need to be home to receive the new cart?

No, you do not need to be home to receive the new recycling cart. Carts will be dropped off in front of each property.

What should I do when I receive my new cart?

Start to use it! Residents may start using their new recycling cart immediately after it is received. Be sure to remove and review the information packet attached to your cart.

When and how often will my recycling be picked up?

Collection will continue to be on your regular pick-up day, the same day as your garbage pick-up.

Where do I set the cart out for collection?

Recycling carts will be collected in the same location as your old bin.

How do I recycle in my new recycling cart?

Your new recycling cart makes recycling as easy as taking out the trash! You are no longer are required to separate paper recyclables from plastic, metal and glass recyclables. This is called "mixed recycling". Just place all your recyclables in the cart and roll out to the curb on your collection day. For more information about how and what to recycle, click here.

What happens to the recyclables I place in my new recycling cart?

Once collected at the curb by your service provider, the recyclables are delivered to SOCRRA's material recycling facility. The facility is currently under construction to be able to process your mixed recyclables. At the recycling facility, the sorting of the different materials - paper, plastic, metal, and glass - is done for you! For more information about the recycling facility construction project, click here.

What do I do with my old bin?

Your old bin is yours to keep. If you no longer wish to keep your old bin, please bring it to SOCRRA at 995 Coolidge Highway in Troy to be recycled.

Why are we switching from bins to carts?

There are many benefits to cart-based recycling. The carts are easier and more convenient to use. They also provide a greater capacity for more recyclables – which means less material going to the landfill. There are financial benefits, too! Your city gets charged to dispose of trash, but gets credit for all your recyclables, so recycling more means an overall cost savings for your city. Carts also make curbside collection more efficient and safer. So everyone wins when recycling with carts!

What if I do not want a new recycling cart?

Residents are encouraged to use the delivered cart for 2-3 months before requesting removal. We believe that after you experience how easy it is to recycle using the new recycling cart, you will continue to use it for your recyclables. If after 3 months you still wish to return the cart, please contact SOCRRA at (248) 288-5150.

What does the new recycling cart look like?

The new recycling carts hold up to 65-gallons of recyclables – that’s 3 times the amount of recyclables that your current bin holds! The new recycling cart is green with a black lid. The lid will help to keep out the rain and recyclables from becoming litter. The carts also have wheels to make recycling as easy as taking out the trash. In comparison to the curbside recycling bins in use now, the foot print of the cart is very similar - only about 4 inches more.

How much does the recycling cart cost?

There is no upfront charge to residents for the new recycling carts. The purchase of the new carts was made possible by your community with the help of grant funds available from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, in support of the governor’s initiative to double recycling in Michigan within the next two years, and The Recycling Partnership.

What happens if I move? Do I take the cart with me?

If you move, the recycling cart should be left behind for the new residents. Carts are tied to the household address.

Can I get a cart for my trash?

Not at this time.