Mixed recycling is when all recyclables can be mixed together in both the recycling container and recycling truck.

The sorting of materials is done at the MRF, rather than by the recycling drivers.  Currently SOCRRA collects materials in two streams – paper, and everything else (plastic, metal, glass containers), requiring recycling drivers to separate the two streams.  Now with mixed recycling, recycling will be as easy as the trash!


What Can be Recycled?


 What Can be Recycled at the Drop-off Center?

PLEASE NOTE - As of 10/9/17, SOCRRA's Recycling Drop-off Center will be temporarily closed until further notice due to the final phase of construction of the recycling facility.  Residents are encouraged to hold on to their materials until the site is re-opened.


What Should I Keep out of the Recycling Cart?

Do not put garbage, food, liquids, batteries, medical sharps or yuck in the cart.